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Happiness: Elusive or Accessible?

The most complex emotion for me to explain has been "HAPPINESS". I remember googling ways to achieve happiness at some point in my life when I felt stuck in dullness. I followed a lot of methods but ended up having my own version of everything. All this resulted in me finding my own meaning for happiness. And trust me, it is different for every different individual. So its okay if you don't feel satisfied or happy in what others do. You simply need to find your own meaning of happiness and define it for yourself.

For me, happiness is being able to live in the present moment.
Yes, its as simple as that but still very difficult for me to fully implement it, but I am trying....

Happiness is elusive till the time we are searching for it in a permanent form, more elusive if we are looking for happiness in a 'definite form', in substance.Happiness is accessible as a way of living your life, as a habit, as a state of mind.

So answer the following questions whenever you…