A Must Try Dish For People Of All Ages

The Recipe To a Happy Life! Ready in No time if done with sincerity! Serves   Humanity 0 calories!


A face to put a smile on A heart to love humanity A mind to think logically A wider perspective to view things with A vigor to live life! A respectful attitude towards others A serving attitude towards the underprivileged A bolt of courage to stand up against the unjust An unlimited amount of ‘presence’ A dash of gratitude (for garnishing) PreparationThis is an extremely simple recipe if practiced with a right attitude. All the ingredients should be mixed in the right proportion. Mind you! Too much of anything can ruin the dish! Also, the beauty of this recipe lies in the fact that it can be combined with other ingredients of your choice!

Make Your Actions Louder Than Your Words

Lets talk about those people today,who talk of supporting and strengthening others but fail to do so when the time comes when they are actually required to. For example, when someone asks us for money to donate to a charity. The long speeches of appreciation, the beautiful words of motivation and the the promises of supporting each other in the time of need, all go in vain for many.This I’m talking in context of the people who have met or know about the initiator but still don’t contribute. People fail to understand that a mere 100 rupees can help motivate others to contribute! Some keep waiting to see whether others make a move or not and some wait to see if their friends initiate or not. Can’t tell in words how sad this is.
Rather than watching people around us thinking like us, we should watch those thinking different from us.
Rather than sticking to the views people hold around us, we should try widening our horizons and try analyzing things from multiple perspectives!
We should at l…

Happiness: Elusive or Accessible?

The most complex emotion for me to explain has been "HAPPINESS". I remember googling ways to achieve happiness at some point in my life when I felt stuck in dullness. I followed a lot of methods but ended up having my own version of everything. All this resulted in me finding my own meaning for happiness. And trust me, it is different for every different individual. So its okay if you don't feel satisfied or happy in what others do. You simply need to find your own meaning of happiness and define it for yourself.

For me, happiness is being able to live in the present moment.
Yes, its as simple as that but still very difficult for me to fully implement it, but I am trying....

Happiness is elusive till the time we are searching for it in a permanent form, more elusive if we are looking for happiness in a 'definite form', in substance.Happiness is accessible as a way of living your life, as a habit, as a state of mind.

So answer the following questions whenever you…