Make Your Actions Louder Than Your Words

Lets talk about those people today,who talk of supporting and strengthening others but fail to do so when the time comes when they are actually required to. For example, when someone asks us for money to donate to a charity. The long speeches of appreciation, the beautiful words of motivation and the the promises of supporting each other in the time of need, all go in vain for many.This I’m talking in context of the people who have met or know about the initiator but still don’t contribute. People fail to understand that a mere 100 rupees can help motivate others to contribute! Some keep waiting to see whether others make a move or not and some wait to see if their friends initiate or not. Can’t tell in words how sad this is.

Rather than watching people around us thinking like us, we should watch those thinking different from us.

Rather than sticking to the views people hold around us, we should try widening our horizons and try analyzing things from multiple perspectives!

We should at least try to understand the views of the person who initiated that campaign, what could have driven them? Does the fear of failure not bother them?Or is the desire to make a difference too strong in them that they forget all the negativity around and only see those who look expectantly at them.One thing that really irks me is the justification for not donating in a particular campaign. The most common of them all is "hum apni maid ke bachchon ko help kr dete hain, and you know na, charity begins at home only!" (we help our maid's children, and as you know, charity begins at home only). Seriously? Is that the excuse you think justifies your lack of support?  I completely understand that financial problems can be a reason for not being able to donate but eating a 200 rupees burger and not donating even the half of this amount is sheer selfishness and a lack of concern for others.

What I want to propagate through this article is merely that we might not be able to lead a campaign for the betterment of some underprivileged, we might not get the time to devote for such causes due to the responsibilities we have on our shoulders and commitments to fulfill, but we do have an opportunity to support those who are taking an initiative to help and serve others.I can guarantee that the feeling of contentment, of satisfaction and of pride that you generate on the success of such social campaigns will be similar to as if you yourself had initiated it!This will help us feel satisfied with ourselves because directly or indirectly, there will be our contribution in the betterment of the society.

SUPPORT is necessary, be it monetary or non-monetary. 

And to those who who love to talk of supporting people, who love to make promises at social events, lets just try keeping our word. Lets not stoop so low for the sake of just socializing at events that what we say becomes of little value to others. Lets work towards building an uplifting society, by making small changes in ourselves first.


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