A Must Try Dish For People Of All Ages

The Recipe To a Happy Life!
Ready in No time if done with sincerity!
Serves   Humanity
0 calories!


  • A face to put a smile on
  • A heart to love humanity
  • A mind to think logically
  • A wider perspective to view things with
  • A vigor to live life!
  • A respectful attitude towards others
  • A serving attitude towards the underprivileged
  • A bolt of courage to stand up against the unjust
  • An unlimited amount of ‘presence’
  • A dash of gratitude (for garnishing)


This is an extremely simple recipe if practiced with a right attitude. All the ingredients should be mixed in the right proportion. Mind you! Too much of anything can ruin the dish! Also, the beauty of this recipe lies in the fact that it can be combined with other ingredients of your choice!

1. Use that face that God gifted you to smile! Use that mouth to appreciate those around you and to spread positivism around. This would make this recipe less tedious to cook.
2. Try opening your heart to love others. This helps us deal with their flaws in a better way.
3. Open your mind to different perspectives. This would help you think with more rationality.
4. While mixing up the above ingredients  you may go ahead and reduce  ‘expectations’. I can’t tell you how it simplifies this recipe.
5. You may also want to mix some amount of meditation in this recipe as this will help you reflect on your actions and goals in life.
6. An important ingredient to bind all the other ingredients together is ‘presence’. Being present in the moment will greatly help you to make the most out of your life and the opportunities it throws at you.
7. While mixing up all these ingredients, don't forget to 'love yourself'. This will quicken the cooking process and also improve the quality of your dish.
8. Sieve the ingredients well in order to remove the residual of judgments. This will make sure that all the ingredients bind well together.
9. Garnish this marvelous recipe with some gratitude to enhance its beauty and taste!


Eating alone is not as much fun as sharing it with your friends and family and enjoying it altogether!


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